1949 Spartanette

Here is our personal 1949 Spartanette that is an ongoing project at the shop, We are installing new electrical and getting ready to put the wood walls back in and then we will polish it up!

1951 Airstream Cruisette

Here is a 1951 Airstream Cruisette that came into the shop for a polish on the exterior and interior Endcaps

1958 Shasta

This is a 1958 Shasta that we installed new tag lights, marker lights and tail lights.

1965 Airstream Caravel

This is a 1965 Airstream Caravel that need some new window seals, dent removal, new running lights and modern tail lights after they were damaged in a hail storm. We also installed a new Airconditioner/Heatpump

1973 Airstream Tradewind

This is a 1973 Tradewind that came in for a new subfloor, new electrical, new appliances, new belly pan, new axles and we replaced the plastic endcaps with custom aluminum.

1978 Airstream Soverign

This is a 1978 Airstream Soverign that the aluminum skin was damaged by being by the saltwater, we gave it a new cut and polish and finished it off with a mirror finish. We replaced part of the banana wrap that was damaged and we gave it some fresh paint.